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About Us

My name is Scott Lewis and I am a Developmental Optometrist. I’m the owner and clinical director of Focus Vision Therapy Center in Meridian Idaho. We specialized in children’s vision development. We are also working with patients that have had a brain injury.

We opened in 2008 and then we moved into our current location in 2010. I think myself sometimes as the software doctor. I make sure that the brain is utilizing the eyes and the pathways between the eyes to the brain as efficient as possible. There’s so much that goes into seeing, it’s so much more than seeing letters on an eye chart. In fact, the eye chart only finds about 5% of vision problems in children. It doesn’t talk about “hello alright track when we read” or “Tell we can focus from the board of school to our paper and back and forth”. It doesn’t tell us if our eyes are lining up looking at the same place in space. Technology has improved greatly, so we do have some of our vision therapy with computers and technology. We have a piece of equipment called the visa graph. The computer monitors the eye movements so we know how many times per 100 words and patient stops and how many times they go backwards. Afterwards, we can actually put the paragraph of words up on the screen and we can show the parents exactly how the child’s eyes move from one word to the next.

We’re here to serve you and give us a call or stop in and we will answer any questions you have.