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L. D.

Have you ever watched your precious child struggle with the simplest task and thought, -Something is not right-? Have you ever watched him give up on things he wanted to do because he just couldn't do it and thought, -He should be able to do that. Something is not right"?...


I express to parents, “If your child is struggling in school, start with getting their eyes checked.” Vision therapy helped my stepson and my son. My son worked very hard to stay at grade level with his class so his issues weren't as obvious to me. But I knew he...
- Heather

Samuel M.

I was having problems with headaches. On October 14th, 2016, I was playing in the Nampa Christian football game against marsing at marsing. Right before halftime, we are on kick-off, and as I was running down the field. Two huskies came at me to block me. I fought my way...
- Samuel Mueller

Kirby M

Dear Connie, Liz and Dr. Lewis, We want to thank you For all you have done for Josiah. It\'s easy to see his improvement in reading when he reads out loud. But here\'s another example, a couple days ago he went home in the evening, and read 20 minutes in...
- Kirby M

Emma D.

Dear Dr. Lewis, Sam, Vicky, thank you for helping me at vision therapy. Sam and Vicki are so nice! Dr. Lewis has a good sense of humor! Reading is easier now! Thank you, p.s. Sam is awesome! :)...
- Emma D.

Brayden T.

Brayden was having problems with balance, fine motor skills, eye crossing, focus. Brayden has always been great as with life, but I feel like through vision training with Dr. Lewis, he has been given tools to enhance and improve every task he takes on throughout his life. An important proof...
- Brayden Thompson


Grace was having problems with focusing and eye fatigue. Sports like basketball in archery were frustrating for her. Shooting and catching the basketball were difficult and shooting an arrow straight was difficult and required her covering one of her eyes. Reading and copying material from the board at school required...
- Grace


Before vision therapy, I would often see double and things would vary between focus and unfocus. It was hard to read the board at school because of my shifting Vision. I will get headaches from eating my book after only 10 minutes. After vision therapy, I can now see great!...
- Addison

James – Age 7

James was having problems with previously undetected amblyopia, convergence insufficiency, and odd eye movements. Now, as an eight-year-old, his eyes do exactly what they are supposed to. They focus well both near and far without aw time movements. As he grows and has more visual demands in middle school, high...
- James - Age 7


My daughter Emma is 12. She has always hated reading. And Elementary School she was always pulled out of class to go to title one for reading. They can never tell me why she was in there. I was always told how smart she was he at her grades and...
- Emma


Tony was having problems with reading. He struggled greatly with reading and we found through Focus Vision Therapy That is eyes weren't working, focusing together and that his tracking was off. With the help of F. V. and the therapy we did at home, his reading has greatly increased. This...
- Tony


Max was having problems with short-term memory, retention, Focus, reading at a rate comparable to his peers. Three and a half years ago was our first time we were told we needed to investigate issues they were saying at school. Max went to Lee Pesky for two years for academic...
- Max


Rowen was having problems with reading, playing baseball, losing his balance, and getting dizzy. He was also having headaches. Rowen can now read without any headaches or issues seeing. He doesn\'t get dizzy or lose his balance, and he is more coordinated than before therapy. He is now able to...
- Rowen


Vision therapy unlocked the hidden talents and Grace. She has always been artistic about halfway through therapy, she really began to flourish, her artwork winning awards. This is the first time she's scored at reading level for her age on the ISATs and SBAC, and the first summer ever she...
- Grace


Arya was having problems with her testing at school. In one quarter, her scores had drops in the 99th percentile to the 60th. At first I thought it was just a bad test day, but the next two quarters show no sign of improvement. My eye Dr. referred me to...
- Arya

Mary H.

Focus Vision Therapy CenterDid a fantastic job working with my daughter to correct multiple issues. The staff is friendly and cares about the kids. Thank you for encouraging helping my daughter!...
- Mary H.

A. H. — Age 10

Double vision, blurriness, and reading headaches. I was having trouble reading without having double vision or headaches. Sometimes at school I would get a headache just looking At the Whiteboard too long. Now I never see double, blurry, or have a sight headache.  All thanks to Focus Vision Therapy Center!...
- A. H. — Age 10


Made me feel comfortable are first visit and gave me hope that I'll be able to see /read normal again. Excited to start working with him soon....
- Brooke B. - Google Review


Two Part Review. 1) As a local optometrist - I refer to Dr Scott Lewis and his team when my patients need Vision Therapy. I've observed his stellar treatment outcomes for years now for amblyopia (lazy eye), eye teaming conditions, post stroke visual changes, and more. His office staff is...
- Philip R. - Google Review


Beyond extraordinary, in less the 6 months I was able to improve my focus and tracking in ways I never thought possible. The fun friendly staff makes being there at the office an absolute pleasure. Doctor Lewis is inspired and loved....
- Ted S. - Google Review