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This experience has been one of the best experiences we have had with vision care. The employees are fantastic and Dr. Lewis does a great job with being up front and honest with the patient. I would absolutely recommend Focus Vision Therapy. My daughter’s vision is better now than we ever imagined it could be.
3 months ago
- Jaci H.
My 13 year-old son has struggled with reading his whole life. The teachers he had were stumped as to what would help . I researched and found that the majority of reading issues are vision related and recommended vision therapy as the first screening. I have degrees in elementary, secondary education, English and had never heard of vision therapy. It is not taught in colleges or the school system--yet vision issues are #1 cause of reading issues. (A regular eye check up doesn't pick it up. You need to go to a developmental optometrist like Dr. Lewis.) We got tested and he had problems coordinating both eyes to focus on words as well as depth perception issues. My son couldn't read quickly or comprehend because the words were "moving" as his eyes were trying to focus. Dr. Lewis and his team were systematic in their approach. My son was able to really improve his reading speed, comprehension, and confidence. If feel if children were screened for these issues and treated, many of learning issues would resolve themselves. If your child is having reading issues, get screened and see if vision issues are the reason.
3 months ago
- Heather G.
Vicki did a great job improving my brain and eye function. It made a big difference.
5 months ago
- greg l.
In less than a year, our 10 year old daughter went from having significant reading comprehension issues (due to poor eye teaming and tracking) to a straight A student. Now, she loves to read, is reading well above grade level, and just as important, her self-confidence has grown leaps and bounds! Thank you Dr. Lewis and team (especially Will) for helping her to discover the potential we knew was inside her all along. We are lucky to have connected with you, keep up the great work!
5 months ago
- Peter B.
I have had 4 of my families members do vision therapy here and I have seen how it changes lives. I am such an advocate that I became a vision therapist who works there. I love seeing people, kids and adults alike, come in with very little spatial awareness, lack of confidence, and other things and then watch them change and grow. Kids who hated reading becoming avid readers. Being able to play sports and be good at it. Seeing a person grow in their confidence because they can now do things they thought they never could. Hearing people’s reactions when they see depth for the first time. I LOVE Focus Vision Therapy Center! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the success of others.
6 months ago
- Caren D.
Made me feel comfortable are first visit and gave me hope that I'll be able to see /read normal again. Excited to start working with him soon.
4 years ago
- Brooke B.
Two Part Review. 1) As a local optometrist - I refer to Dr Scott Lewis and his team when my patients need Vision Therapy. I've observed his stellar treatment outcomes for years now for amblyopia (lazy eye), eye teaming conditions, post stroke visual changes, and more. His office staff is professional and courteous. 2) As a parent, two of my own children required Vision Therapy to perform at their academic potential. Dr Lewis' office delivered wonderful care to them. Years later, they are still visually better able to integrate their world than they would have done without Vision Therapy. Thanks Focus Vision!
4 years ago
- Philip R.