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My daughter Emma is 12. She has always hated reading. And Elementary School she was always pulled out of class to go to title one for reading. They can never tell me why she was in there. I was always told how smart she was he at her grades and test scores were so low. Emma has always had anxiety since birth. She wouldn't look at or talk to anyone else except my husband or I until she was five. She would always hang on me when we go out. Sixth grade she was at a charter school, they tested her and said she tested positive for a learning disorder. It was a fast-paced school, she had a hard time and felt stupid. Her teacher thought she had dyslexia. We came to Focus Vision Therapy. The results have been amazing! The first thing I noticed was right away her anxiety got a lot better! Teachers were saying she was raising her hand in class! That never happened! She was so brave! She did so many things she'd never done before and stopped hanging on me! She read her first book! In a few months time has read 9 books!! She gets all A\'s now! We love vision therapy! It will change your child's life!

Review 08 Emma

- Emma